Recycling Obligations and Represantation

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We calculate and document the Recycling Fees of our clients according to sales numbers.

Calculation is based on natural features of sold commodities. In order to compute the fee, our company carries out regular weighting and titration of the respective commodities. In addition, we take on all responsibilities related to fees’ calculation, such as the registration (or data updating) in the Registry of Electronic Waste Producers (R.E.W.P.) – stipulated by n.117/2004 and 15/2006 presidential decrees.

We coordinate the procedure of recycling management

Collection, decomposition and recycling of waste products and equipment must be carried out by authorized recycling centers (“producer compliance schemes”). Our company is responsible for removing and recycling waste products, as we have been cooperating for many years with these centers.

Representation of Recycling Obligations.

As per the Ministerial Decision 181504/2016 (GG 2454 B 09-08-2016), distributors who import products from EU countries to Greece are not allowed to place them in the local market, in case that these products belong to the list of alternative waste management (as per 2939/2001) and come from producers that are not registered in R.E.W.P.. For this reason, an authorized representative in Greece – our company, for instance – is needed to undertake all the actions determined in the above Ministerial Decision. 

Estimation / Disposition of Fixed Assets and Stock

We specialize in the provision of goods inventory services and the commercial valuation of fixed assets and stock for companies that do not have the appropriate means to support such work. We provide solutions for selling and promoting these assets, expanding your customer base and your turnover.

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